Debt Policy Application

What Does It Mean?

APT US & C's Debt Policy Program provides public finance officers with guidance and objective assistance in developing a debt policy that provides a framework within which informed borrowing decisions can be made. 

Debt policies can vary greatly due to the diversity of state statutes and regulations in place in states, cities, towns and other municipal entities, so a debt policy must be crafted to develop and implement policy guidelines that meet the unique needs and concerns of each jurisdiction. 

To become certified, public treasury officials submit their government's debt policies to APT US & C for peer review and certification before it is presented to the applicant's governing board.

What are the benefits of having your Debt Policy Certified by APT US & C?

Probably the best benefit is the trust and confidence that your governing body and the public that it serves receives from knowing that you not only have taken the time to draft a Debt Policy, but you have taken the extra professional step of having the APT US & C review and certify that your policy is a professionally accepted policy.


Any questions concerning the Debt Policy application can be addressed APT US&C's Headquarters Office at (989) 820-5205 or