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Cash Flow Forecasting Guide

This book is designed for those involved in the investment of public funds or the selection of investment instruments for the management of public funds. Topics include Prudent Investing, Components of A Cash Flow Forecast, Benefits of Cash Forecasting, Types of Cash Forecasts, and Tips to Improve Your Forecast just to name a few. This is a very effective cash management tool, so order your copy today!

Cash Handling Training Manual

This internationally recognized training guide includes: training modules; syllabus; glossary of terms; sample cash handling legislation; and an application to have your program reviewed and certified by APT US & C.  The Manual contains the essentials for developing a training program and cash handling manual for your government.

Debt Policy Handbook

This Handbook provides practitioners with the information necessary for preparing a comprehensive capital financing policy. It includes chapters on: formulating a policy; legal and regulatory requirements; needs assessment and funding alternatives; issuance of obligations; administration of obligations; and using pertinent Internet sites.

Disaster Preparedness Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide easy-to-follow steps necessary to minimize the impact a potential disaster could have on your finance or treasury department. This guide is a "must have" for all finance and treasury officials. Recently updated!

Guide to Internal Controls

This brand new guide is the ideal reference tool to identify and access operating controls, financial reporting and legal or regulatory compliance processes and to take action to strengthen controls where needed. By developing an effective system of internal controls, you can reduce the potential liability from theft, fraud or potential fines and penalties that could be imposed due to losses incurred. A well documented internal control environment will improve communications with auditors.

Revenue Collections Manual

The Revenue Collections Manual will show you how to have more money in your budget without having to either cut services or raise taxes. The Manual provides valuable suggestions on how to make your tax collections more efficient. The Manual is designed for self-study, or for use in conjunction with regional Revenue Collections Seminars. It includes an open-book exam that may be submitted to APT US & C headquarters to be scored; CPFA points are assigned for passing scores.

Stop That Fraud Handbook

As a public finance professional, you are expected to safeguard the public's money while it's under your control. Unfortunately, there is no typical picture of the fraud perpetrator and embezzlement of public funds is all too common place, so you have your work cut out for you! An excellent place to start is with Joe Dervaes' "STOP THAT FRAUD" Handbook. This brand new Handbook is an outstanding tool.


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