I would highly recommend the Internal Controls Checklist published by the Association. As treasury professionals we are expected to demonstrate good stewardship by safeguarding, managing and accounting for public assets. The manual includes Twenty Danger Signs of Embezzlement , identification of Forty Common Forms of Fraud, and checklists broken down by functional category. The manual is a must for every treasury operation.

-Michelle Schwartz

The best thing about the APT is the group of people involved, the ability to learn from each other and to share common experiences and problems that we all face.

-Anthony Francisco

I have performed better as a City Treasurer as a direct result of the education I received from APT US & C conferences and training manuals. Networking with other Treasurers at the APT US & C conferences has been an invaluable resource of information.

-James A. Bell

APT US & C has, over the last twenty years, provided me with the education, networking, and the certifications so I can feel confident in handling my job as City Treasurer. The conferences are always geared to the most current topics and they are just the right size so I can participate and not become just a number and the workshops are very informative. The networking that takes place and the friendships that are formed help me to receive answers to my questions quickly and I know I can ask any number of treasurers and receive the help that I need. My participation and certifications have helped me with my interactions with my Mayor and Council and other department heads.

-Ron Koller

Several very advantageous things have happened due to my affiliation with the APT US & C over the years. When I was newly elected and attended my first APT conference, I met several Treasurer and Banking professionals who have maintained a friendship for nearly 10 years now. They have provided tremendous assistance over the years, answering questions, providing assistance and advice on several occasions. They encouraged me to get my Investment Policy Certified, they prompted me to get involved on an APT committee, and later the Board of Directors. They have been of tremendous support whenever I sought advice on any subject. Recently our City was going through a Bond issuance for upgrading our sewer system. The Bond Rating agencies were very impressed by our professional qualifications, the Award of Excellence for Investment Policy and the CPFA awarded by APT US & C were qualifications that sat well with them. Serving on the Investment Policy Certification Committee for several years has allowed me to learn many lessons from over 100 other government agencies with regards to not only their policies, but where and how they invest their funds, and many other educational items of interest. But the people whom I have come to know and trust are the biggest asset that comes from being a part of this fine professional organization that represents the finest in our field.

-Ernie O'Dell

Being a member of APT US & C has helped my career by giving me the tools and up-to-date information in order for me to be the best finance director I can become. I am able to share with other financial officials as to how they handle the same issues that I am faced with every day and membership offers me that additional support to accomplish my job.

-Dana J. Kavander

The things that I've learned through APT US & C training programs have notably improved my skills and those of my staff. Networking opportunities have given me access to experts whom I can contact when I need advice. In fact, I first became acquainted with several of the products we use at our city while attending APT conferences. The certification programs have been particularly useful. Rating agencies have commented favorably about our city having received APT's certification of both our debt and investment policies.

-Kent Rock