2023 Conference Topics & Speakers

Whether you attend the 2023 APT US&C Annual Conference in-person or online, you'll get access to high quality speakers and relevant topics. Presentations are tailored to professionals in the municipal treasury field. Check back for details on additional sessions.

Opening Keynote Speaker Will Bowen 
Will Bowen travels the world motivating businesses and organizations of every size to understand the causes and embrace the cures of complaining. He has written five International Bestselling books that have sold in excess of four million copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 35 languages.

Will's engaging, inspiring, and humorous presentation, "How to Turn Complainers Into Collaborators," will help you discover how to recognize the motivation behind complaints. Most importantly, it will show you how to redirect these negative complaints into positive collaboration. Most people deal with dozens of complaints every single day leaving them feeling drained, burned out, and emotionally ragged. The combined stress of all this complaining leads to diminished job performance, lower morale, and higher turnover costing organizations billions of dollars every single year. It’s vital that team members learn to recognize the hidden emotional need behind complaints and deal with them rather than being side-tracked and dragged down by all the griping.

Thousands of top companies, associations, schools, and other organizations have applied the principles taught in this presentation to improve moral, lower turnover, increase cooperation, and improve customer satisfaction. More than just an engaging and inspiring speech, you’ll receive real-world tools, tips, and practical takeaways that will provide lasting positive change within your organization.



Leadership Speaker Jonathan Baker 
Jon is a strong believer that for any organization to succeed, there must be a focus on developing leadership qualities in all stakeholders, not just managers. He looks forward to sharing his leadership message using a unique delivery method during his "Becoming Rock Star Leaders" presentation. 

Jon has specialized in Treasury Management, Government Banking, and Municipal Finance with Zions Bank. He currently leads a national team of relationship managers who specialize in direct purchases of municipal debt. Jon has led numerous teams in banking and at several non-profit groups in Salt Lake City.


Closing Speaker Dr. Dale Henry 
Seminar leader, author, educator, and businessman, Dr. Dale Henry comes with a variety of experiences. He has presented over 1,000 programs to America's top professional and educational organizations. The Fortune Fifty as well as government agencies call on him regularly for programs that entertain and educate their top performers and producers.

Dr. Henry's presentation "Ethics - Nobody Needs it… Until They Get Caught" is perfect for everyone involved in management and leadership. It is the misunderstood and most slippery slope of organizational empowerment. No one really gets hurts by twisting the truth a little – right? Everyone wants to do the right thing – right? Nope! We want to do the easy thing. In this empowering and life changing presentation everyone will leave with a new understanding of – and appreciation for – the power of self-ethical monitoring.


Additional Topics
Federal Reserve Bank Tours
Cybersecurity Issues
Payment Technology
Treasurer-to-Treasurer Discussion Panel
GASB Updates
First Amendment Audits
Social Media Insights
Fraud Case Studies
Human Resources 
And More!

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