APT US&C has training publications on the following topics:

  • Cash Handling: contains the essentials for developing a training program and cash handling manual for your government; includes training modules, glossary of terms, sample cash handling legislation. Pair with APT US&C's popular Cash Handling training seminar.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting: for those involved in the investment of public funds or the selection of investment instruments for the management of public funds.
  • Internal Controls: this manual was updated in 2022 and provides a great introduction on internal controls along with a comprehensive overview of all the various controls that an entity should have in place to safeguard assets, prevent fraud, verify financial records, monitor performance and ensure efficient operations. Pair with APT US&C's popular Internal Controls training seminars.
  • Internal Controls Checklists: this free companion piece complements the Internal Controls Manual. Download the checklists

Manuals are used with APT US&C on-site training classes, but you can also request manuals by using this order form