APT US&C has training publications on the following topics:
  • Cash Flow Forecasting: for those involved in the investment of public funds or the selection of investment instruments for the management of public funds.
  • Cash Handling: contains the essentials for developing a training program and cash handling manual for your government; includes training modules, glossary of terms, sample cash handling legislation.
  • Debt Policy: provides practitioners with guidelines for preparing a comprehensive capital financing policy. Includes information on: formulating a policy; legal and regulatory requirements; needs assessment and funding alternatives; issuance of obligations; administration of obligations; and using pertinent Internet sites.
  • Disaster Preparedness: provide easy-to-follow steps to minimize the impact a potential disaster could have on your finance or treasury department.
  • Internal Controls: a reference tool to identify and access operating controls, financial reporting, and legal or regulatory compliance processes; demonstrates how to strengthen controls.

Manuals are used with APT US&C on-site training classes, but you can also request manuals by using this order form