Institute Training Program

APT US&C is pleased to provide our Institute Training Program guidelines to state organizations who want to provide their members with a comprehensive plan to develop the building blocks and core skills that every treasury professional should have. It is designed to allow State Associations to work in tandem with APT US&C to ensure that a complete curriculum is provided to their attendees. This also makes it easy for applicants who have graduated from approved State programs to apply for APT US&C's national Certified Public Finance Administrator (CPFA) or Advanced Certified Public Finance Administrator (ACPFA) accreditation.

The Institute training program is designed to be offered annually over a three year period. In addition, states may offer an annual maintenance or advanced level of instruction for members to attend who have already completed their initial three year training program. Advanced level training may qualify for Advanced CPFA certification if approved by APT US&C.

This program is a serious commitment for treasury professionals to further their knowledge and improve themselves professionally: the program is structured to incorporate a minimum of 100 education hours over the three-year period. Ninety-four hours are in Public Finance Administration and Professional Development and six hours are for peer knowledge sharing during and post training.

APT US&C has developed a detailed three-year curriculum to aid in the establishment of each state association’s curriculum. For more information, download this sample agreement or contact our offices. We look forward to working with you and sharing what other states have developed working with us to provide this training to their memberships.