Strategic Plan

In September 2019 the Board of Directors committed to developing a long term strategic plan to provide a road map for themselves, future board members, and their management company to achieve the goals of the Association: long term sustainability through fiscal responsibility; member engagement and recruitment; providing quality and profitable education, training programs, and professional treasury-related certifications.

The strategic plan that was developed is not a static document, it should function as a guide to steer the Association into the future. The plan will be reviewed bimonthly and updated annually by the Board of Directors to analyze progress, highlight objectives that need modification due to new influences, adjust the schedule to reflect changing priorities and realities, and most importantly, help to ensure a successful implementation of the entire plan.

This strategic plan will be the guide for current and future leadership structure – Board, Committees, and Management Company – to steer the organization for years to come.

View the entire plan here. Each year, the Annual Report provides an update on the strategic plan goals and priorities.