CPFIM and ACPFIM Re-Certification

The CPFIM and ACPFIM designations are both certifications that must be renewed every five years. If you choose to not renew your certification, it will lapse and you must not use the CPFIM or ACPFIM credentials.

The renewal process is simple: attend an abbreviated "refresher" course or re-take the original training. An applicant for CPFIM/ACPFIM Recertification must:

  1. Believe in and practice APT US&C’s Code of Ethics.
  2. Attend an APT US&C Public Funds Investment Training Course.

Those who complete the re-certification training will receive a new certification plaque or insert. The re-certification/refresher course is offered multiple times a year (check the calendar at the right for upcoming training); the registration fee is $199 for members and $399 for non-members.

Current CPFIM/ACPFIM certificates have a renewal date printed on them. If your CPFIM/ACPFIM plaque does not have a renewal date, it was issued in 2018 or earlier and is due for renewal.  

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