Dr. Jackson R.E. Phillips Award

The Phillips Award was instituted in 1980 to annually recognize one APT US&C member for their professional leadership and significant contributions to professional treasury management. This is the Association’s most prestigious award, and was created to encourage and recognize the development of innovative programs in the field of public finance.

2023 Phillips Award Honoree

The 2023 Dr. Jackson R.E. Phillips Award Honoree is Catherine McClary, Treasurer for Washtenaw County, Michigan. 

Catherine has been an active member of APT US&C since 2007, a member of her state treasury association since 1998, and is a true advocate and supporter for both Associations and continuing education and training for treasury professionals. She maintains both the Certified Public Funds Investment Manager (CPFIM) and the Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO) national certifications.

During the pandemic, Catherine worked tirelessly to shift her municipality to a remote workforce while ensuring best practices for both staff and municipality. She was involved with online training platforms for treasury professionals across a multitude of state associations and actively engaged in legislative issues that impacted municipalities at all levels.

Catherine has served as a trainer for new treasury professionals, held several leadership positions at both state and county associations, is an active member of the Government Finance Officers Association and served on its Treasury and Investment Committee.
There are a number of special projects Catherine has worked on within her own municipality, including working with her county officials to identify automation opportunities to support treasury office functions, exploring the expanded use of a virtual assistant program in other areas like human resources and procurement.

Among many achievements from Catherine’s lifetime commitment to public service, Catherine has also spearheaded a program to fix a generations-old problem that was causing huge issues for community residents. Because years and years of discriminatory practices have forced individuals of African-American descent to purchase homes informally, their descendants ended up with no legal claim to family homes that had been passed down through generations. The “Home for Generations” program of Washtenaw County, Michigan, has helped return more than $1 million dollars in property wealth to the rightful property owners in just a few short years.

Catherine is a true testament to what it means to be a public servant – if you see her, please congratulate her on being recognized with the 2023 Phillips award.


2019 Phillips Award Winner

The 2019 Dr. Jackson R.E. Phillips Award Honoree is John Globensky, City Treasurer for Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Globensky personifies the intent of the Phillips award: he has played a vital role in the technological advancements that have Grand Rapids to achieve its vision of becoming a “Digital First” city.

Mr. Globensky has spent countless hours detailing a vision of how a robust online payment system could work; how the backend systems could tie together and present an accurate snapshot of a customer’s debts to the City; how payments could be collected for multiple items and accurately accounted for was a massive undertaking and achievement. Under his leadership, Grand Rapids launched the first of its kind website and payment app that allows water, property tax, refuse, parking tickets, and more to be tracked and paid through one application.

Just as importantly, Mr. Globensky takes the commitment to professional treasury and his peers very seriously. He is active in supporting and advising fellow treasures, is one of the leading authorities and contributors to the Michigan's Treasurer’s online forum that allows Treasurer’s across the State to ask questions and collaborate on topics affecting municipalities. He is also an accomplished and highly sought-after speaker. We congratulate John, and thank him for his contributions and dedication.

See John's response here

Do You Know Someone Who Should Be Considered? 

If you know of someone who embodies the spirit of the Phillips Award, we welcome your submission. Use the application form below and make sure to submit the nomination before June 30 to be considered for the current year.

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Applications are confidential. For more information regarding the Phillips Award, please email or call us.



The Phillips Award, instituted in 1980, was designed to annually recognize one APT US & C member for professional leadership in and significant contribution to professional treasury management. The purpose of the Phillips Award, which is the Association’s most honored award, is to encourage development of innovative programs in public finance.


All active APT US & C members are eligible for nomination. Nominations may be made by a state or provincial APT, a public body, other active APT US & C members, or through self-nomination. As the Phillips Award is presented at the APT US & C Annual Conference, individuals either self-nominated or aware of their nomination by another party are strongly encouraged to attend the conference.


The Phillips Award Committee is responsible for evaluating nomination submissions. The Committee is chaired by the most recent recipient of the Phillips Award and is comprised of three or more long-standing APT US & C members. Committee members independently evaluate candidates, and combine evaluations to determine the Award winner. The following are the criteria by which nomination submissions are judged:

  • Practicality, originality, and cost efficiency of the innovation(s).
  • Value to the government, both present and future.
  • Value to the treasury management profession.
  • Clarity of presentation.
  • Other considerations, such as timeliness of innovation(s), may contribute to the Committee’s final decision.

Submissions must include a brief professional biography (form provided) with a resume (optional), and a submission statement (on separate paper) explaining the nominee’s professional accomplishments for which the Phillips Award is recommended.

All submission statements should:

  • Describe in detail the treasury problems which innovations were designed to address.
  • Describe the innovations themselves, using any necessary supporting documentation.
  • Indicate the methods by which the innovations were implemented, and why these methods were appropriate to the context of the government and its citizenry.
  • 1980 John G. DePalma Portland, ME
  • 1981 J. Lowell Young Murray, UT
  • 1982 Earl R. Hoenes Austin, TX
  • 1983 Warren J. Hirschinger West Allis, WI
  • 1984 Lu Herrera Culver City, CA
  • 1985 Mary E. Turner Anaheim, CA
  • 1986 Dale Hartgerink Kalamazoo, MI
  • 1987 Jack Cross III Cleveland, OH
  • 1988 Carl Levi, CMFA Chattanooga, TN
  • 1989 Cleora Rawlins Brigham City, UT
  • 1990 Linda Patterson CMFA Fort Worth,TX
  • 1991 Lloyd Hara Seattle, WA
  • 1992 Barbara Steckel, CMFA Riverside, CA
  • 1993 George Khtaian, CMFA Anacortes, WA
  • 1994 Roman Gronkowski, CMFA Southfield, MI
  • 1995 Mary Ulrich, CMFA Peoria, IL
  • 1996 Evelyn Radel, CMFA Barstow, CA
  • 1997 Kris Tompkins, CMFA Port Orchard, WA
  • 1998 Tony Davenport, CMFA Westhersford,OK
  • 1999 Frank O'Leary Arlington County, VA
  • 2000 George Friedel St. Petersburg, FL
  • 2001 Jack Krise, CPFA Parma, OH
  • 2002 Keith Sawdon, CPFA Oakland County, MI
  • 2003 Mike Murphy Olympia, WA
  • 2005 Pat Dohany, CPFA Oakland County, MI
  • 2006 Ronald Koller, CPFA Murray City, UT
  • 2007 Jeffrey Cyphert, CPFA Grand Blanc, MI
  • 2008 Kent Rock, CPFA Boise, ID
  • 2009 Dana J. Kavander, CPFA CPFIM Berea, OH
  • 2010 James A. Bell, CPFA, CPFIM Vandalia, OH
  • 2011 Anthony Francisco, CPFA, CPFIM Norman, OK
  • 2014 Matthew Horning, Ann Arbor, MI 
  • 2017 Bob Ponkilla, Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2019 John Globensky, Grand Rapids, MI
  • 2023 Catherine McClary, Grand Rapids, MI