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APT US&C is proud to provide online and in-person training. We are planning our 2023 training schedule now, so check back often for updates for additional Cash Handling, Internal Controls, CPFIM and Advanced CPFIM training opportunities. If you'd like to sponsor your own training for any of these topics, don't wait - contact us today at [email protected] 

Go "All In" With APT! 

The 3rd Annual 2021-2022 Annual Report was presented at the Annual Conference in August. We invite you to review the Association's accomplishments and future goals. Check out all the ways you can go "All In" with APT, get involved, and grow together by fostering partnerships! 

Online Training

APT US&C offers a wide variety of online training programs. Choose from over 200 online courses that you can take at your own pace to further your education, be better equipped to do your job, and serve your customers. APT US&C members even receive a 10% discount