2021 Annual Conference 

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in South Bend and Online! Check back next week for great news from the conference - we'll elect a new Board of Directors, present the 2021 Annual Report, and celebrate the achievements of the past year. We hope to get all our members involved in the coming year to help everyone Lead Like A Champion!

Accept The Challenge 

The 2nd Annual, 2021 Annual Report, will be presented at the Annual Conference in July and then shared here with all of our members for you to check out and get involved. 


Don't Miss Your State Training

APT US&C encourages all our members to stay involved in your state's Institute, Academy, or general training and education. All affiliates are welcome to share their education links - contact us today. 

Online Training

APT US&C offers a wide variety of online training programs. Choose from over 200 online courses that you can take at your own pace to further your education, be better equipped to do your job, and serve your customers. APT US&C members even receive a 10% discount