Service Award Program


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Service Awards Sub-Committee
P.O. Box 591
Tawas City, MI 48764


Applications are confidential. For more information regarding the Service Award, please contact:
(989) 820-5205 or [email protected]



The success of the APT US & C depends upon the degree of participation of its individual members; their commitment to excellence and motivation to carry out the purposes of the Association as set forth in the By-Laws. The APT US & C Service Award program is, therefore, established to encourage and recognize the outstanding voluntary participation and achievement of association members in furthering the purposes of the Association.


Association members are eligible for nomination for the APT US & C service award for accomplishments or work performed in conjunction with current or prior assignments as a member of any standing or special committee or subcommittee of APT US & C. The APT US & C Board of Directors are not eligible.


The basic criterion for the Award is the candidate’s contribution to improving the effectiveness and productivity of the Association. Examples of criteria that may be used include, but are not limited to any one or more of the following: fundraising, innovation, initiative, public relations, dedication, outstanding service or achievement, membership recruitment, promotion of state chapters, etc.


A. Nominator
Any member of the Association may make a nomination (including self-nomination).

B. Forms
Nominations must be made on the application form. Applications should be returned to the Chairman of the Service Award Sub-Committee.

C. Nomination Dates
Nominations may be made at any time, but a deadline will be determined by the Chairman of the Service Award Sub-Committee to provide sufficient time prior to the annual conference for the Sub-Committee to consider all nominations. (Deadline should be prior to July 1 each year.)
Nominations will not be carried over from one year to the next. Candidates may, however, be re-nominated for consideration in a subsequent year.


A. The members of the APT US & C Service Award Sub-Committee shall, from the nominations received, forward to the Board of Directors recommendations of individuals to receive the APT US & C Service Award.

B. The Board of Directors, prior to the annual conference, shall elect no more than three candidates to receive the award from among nominations referred to it by the Service Award Sub-Committee.


The successful candidate(s) will receive an engraved plaque commemorating their contribution to the Association. The Award will be announced and presented to the recipient(s) by the Chairman at the APT US & C annual conference. Press releases and notification to the recipient’s home jurisdiction will be prepared and forwarded by the Association.


1986   Lloyd Hara, CPFA; Lu Herrera; and Earl Hoenes

1987   Yvonne Calmes; Pat Elliott; Evelyn Natzel; and Ruth Welge, CPFA

1988   Tony Davenport, CPFA; Evelyn Radel; M. Lynn Satterfield; Ira Todd, CPFA; Susan Vignos; and Velda Widdison, CPFA

1989   Donna Claxton, CPFA; James Dye; LaVera James, CPFA; and Jack McKenzie

1990   Vera Lynn Coulam, CPFA; Richard Hughes; and Mary Turner

1991   Daniel Gibson, CPFA; Elaine Goebel, CPFA; and Carl Levi, CPFA

1993   Harry Wong

1994   Barbara Steckel, CPFA

1995   Rod Rich, CPFA

1996   Lhisa Cranford; Joe Dervaes; Jackson Eaves; Howard Herring; Jim Joseph; Tom McLoughlin; Mike Mirabelli; Gary Norstrem; Jim Patterson; Linda

Patterson, CPFA; Gregg Seller; Michael Swan; and Neal Willard

1997   Ann Berger, CPFA; Margaret Robbins, CPFA; Dale Sciuchetti, CPFA; and Dennis Thiel, CPFA

1998   Anthony Francisco, CPFA; Jeffrey Spies, CPFA

1999   Raul Menendez, CPFA

2000   Ernie O'Dell, CPFA; Anthony Ianiro, CPFA

2001   Kendall Tierney; Keith Sawden, CPFA; James Jewell, CPFA; Dr. James Tinnin, CPFA; and Susan Wollenzier

2002   Wendy Picinich, CPFA

2005   John Ganfield; Joe Dervaes; Arthur Barnes, CPFA; Carl Levi, CPFA; Lhisa Cranford; and Key Bissonette

2006   David Maccagnone; D'Arcy Gonzales; Lhisa Cranford; Mary Kaye Campbell; Kathryn Perry; Brian Johnson; Victor Ume-Ukeje

2007   John Ganfield; Kathryn Perry; D'Arcy Gonzales; and Lisa Marie Harris, CPFA

2009   Doug Gasher

2010   Jim Koetting and Harlita Robinson, CPFA, ACPFA, CPFIM

2011   Blinda Baker, CPFA, MMC, RP, CPFIM, City of East Tawas and Annge (Klinger) Horning, CPFA, City of Tawas City

2014   Henry Young 

2018  Blinda Baker, CPFA, MMC, RP, CPFIM, City of East Tawas, Michigan

2019  Roger Wisecup, CPFA, City of Ames, Iowa 

2023  Tamara Runyon, ACPFA, City of Bluffton, Indiana
          Chip Dawson, CPFA, ACPFIM, City of South Jordan, Utah